Season 2: Supporting employee mental health during a pandemic and beyond

Wednesday 22 July, 11am – 12.15pm

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the way we work as a society and this is profoundly impacting the mental health and wellbeing of UK employees.

Almost overnight British businesses had to adapt to the challenges of remote working on mass, as the high and lows of lockdown took their toll on households nationwide. Pressures of homeschooling, fears of financial insecurity, alongside unnatural living/working conditions have placed immense strains on families like never before, while disconnected staff have looked to employers for reassurance during a period of unprecedented uncertainty. As a result of the crisis, experts warn that anxiety levels have worsened, alongside conditions such as OCD, while a recent survey by IPSOS Mori indicated that the majority of Brits were reluctant to visit large gatherings or use public transport.

Our next Deskflix season, in association with Legal & General, will shine a light on the evolving mental health landscape following the COVID-19 outbreak and the challenges faced by employers post-lockdown. Live and direct, group risk and workplace wellbeing experts will debate how employee support schemes are adapting to the changing needs of the modern workforce throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Tune in on the day – or watch on-demand – this CPD accredited virtual event also features an exhibition hall, an interactive panel discussion as well as networking opportunities.

SEASON TWO goes live in


Opening Remarks

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

Keynote: COVID-19 and the mental health landscape
  • Fresh data insight into the mental health impact of coronavirus the UK and its employees
  • Practical guidance for staff working from home and returning to work following lockdown

Sarah Murphy, Associate Director for Advice, Information & Training, Mental Health UK

Panel discussion: Adapting to the health and wellbeing needs of the workplace of the future
  • The remote working revolution and communicating the value of employee support schemes
  • Navigating workplace wellbeing post-COVID-19
  • Safeguarding the mental health of staff returning to work

Chair: Adam Saville, Editor, COVER

Roy McLoughlin, Associate Director, Cavendish Ware

Sarah Murphy, Associate Director for Advice, Information and Training, Mental Health UK

Vanessa Sallows, Claims & Governance Director, Legal & General

Closing Remarks

Adam Saville, Editor, COVER


Associate Director
Cavendish Ware
Associate Director for Advice, Information & Training
Mental Health UK
Claims & Governance Director
Legal & General


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